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OpenSourceBash Berlin, Sept 28th 2015 - 7pm

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About OpenSourceBash


OpenSource teams present their project, what it is and why it matters to an audience of people interested in joining and contributing.


Breaks and having great food together gives plenty of opportunity for participants to learn about the projects they are intersted in.

Start Contributing
Start Contributing

All presentations are focussed on lowering the threshold of getting involved. After, you can chat with the teams. Bring your Laptop and set up the project together with the maintainers.


interested in contributing, joining from everywhere in the world

open source teams✨

presenting their projects and show how you can join today

minutes each!

per presentation – 3min about the projects, 2min on how to contribute.

Latest news

The Lineup

The deadline is over, the poll is in, the team has decided. And we are happy to announce the ten projects, which will be presenting during the first two session at OpenSourceBash. And what a line up this is! The first session Aside from the prev... continue reading

Tickets up for grabs

As promised, this morning we officially openend the tickets offices for the very first OpenSourceBash in Berlin during WhatTheFest. Time to look at the tickets available and ask the important question: where does the money go? The tickets We hav... continue reading


Event Schedule


A short welcome by the Organisers

  • Benjamin Kampmann Hackership

  • Anouk Ruhaak Hackership

First five

the first five projects will be presenting their work and how you could join them – 5min each.

  • Florian Gilcher The Rust Programming Language

  • Felix Paul Kühne VLC media player

  • Lisa Passing & Julia Krüger Diaspora

  • Alex Feyerke Hoodie

  • Lennart Hildebrandt Wheelmap


A short break to refill and recharge.

Second five

We see another five projects been presented and how we could join them – 5min each.

  • Silke Meyer Friendica

  • Martin Meyerhoff Alchemy CMS

  • Boris Bügling CocoaPods

  • Klaus Fleerkötter Pixelated

  • Franz Liedke Flarum

Dinner Time

Go chat with all those amazing projects, you've just seen over some sponsored food and drinks.

Open five

We have five more slots open for ppl to present their project – 5min each. While the first two slots are pre-scheduled you can only sign up for this slot at the event itself.

Mingle and closing

Have another drink and chat with the project presentors




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  • Apply to present your project to the audience of people interested in contributing.
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Reserved Seats


  • Tickets reserved for women and members of groups marginalized in tech.
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All Tickets grant access to the event, including food and drinks. Tickets are awarded 'first-come-first-serve'.
Reserved seating is available to women and people of marginalized groups in tech only: please use the 'waitlist feature'.