Present your OpenSource project

You are part of an awesome OpenSource project? You are looking for more people to join, help and contribute? Present it at this OpenSourceBash. This page gives you an overview what is expected and how you can do that.


The aim of the event is to connect potential contributor with current team members of interesting open source projects. Here are some requirements about your projects and the person presenting it:

  • The project must be under available publicly under an OSI approved licence (dual licencing is accepted, no “stealth” projects)
  • The project’s main (business) logic must be available under such a licence: projects which rely on a non-opensource-licenced third-party to do the heavy lifting won’t be accepted (e.g. default dropbox client)
  • The project must have a team of people working on it – solitary pet project don’t count
  • The person presenting must be part of that team (no pitching of other peoples projects or third party stuff you aren’t actively involved in)

The following aren’t required, but highly encouraged. And in case of a tie, the project, which scores highest on this list will have preferred seating:

  • Have contributors guidelines and processes
  • Have bugs/tickets specifically to get people started
  • Have a contributors setup guide
  • Runs under a Code of Conduct
  • Have an automatic test suite run against Patches/Pull-Requests

Presentation Details

A presentation is allowed to take 5 minutes. Our recommendation is to take the first three covering the project itself, what the goal and vision are, the technologies it is based on, and use the remaining two minutes to explain what you are looking for and how people can contribute. We recommend to briefly cover what the entire contribution process looks like.

You may use slides, show websites, screenshots or whatever you want to present. All presentation will be shown from the same laptop – to reduce the plug-on-plug-off-hassle – consider it a fabric new mac book air (with firefox and chrome on it). Make sure to have send in whatever you want to present prior to the event. We recommend to use an online service like to prepare and show your slides.

You can check whether your presentation is the way you want to right before the batch you are in.

Application Process

We have fifteen presentations slots available. The first ten slots have been filled prior, the other five will be given out at the event:

The third batch of five slots can only be claimed at the event itself. There will be a way to register your presentation at the beginning of the event. Prior mentioned criteria still apply. Slots are assigned first come, first serve.

So, if you didn’t make it yet and want to present your team, show up early and secure your seat!