Tickets up for grabs


As promised, this morning we officially openend the tickets offices for the very first OpenSourceBash in Berlin during WhatTheFest. Time to look at the tickets available and ask the important question: where does the money go?

The tickets

We have three different tickets available:

  • Presenter

    If you want to present your open source team, please apply here. If your team is picked to present, we’ll send you a link to sign up for your ticket.

  • Donation

    The regular ticket we have is a donation-based ticket. There is no required minimum but we ask you kindly to donate at least 10EUR. This will allow us and the OpenTechSchool to organise more events like this in the future. If you can’t afford this, however, please don’t let this stop you from participating. Just put a lower donation into the field!

    Tickets are awarded first come, first serve.

  • Reserved Seating

    A first-come-first-serve system comes with a few caveats. For once it highly favours people closest to you, as you are more likely to hear about it earlier. Secondly it encourages spontanous behaviour, people, who first have to consult or organise external circumstances (say a baby-sitter) are less likely to be able to quickly sign up for it. Both disproportionately effect people already marginalized in our field. This is why we researved a third of the seats for people marginalized in our field.

    This will open when we run out of regular tickets. The remaining seats will exclusivly be given to people from these groups. As long as regular tickets are available, please use those.

What’s the money for?

We are so lucky to find enough sponsors for this event to host us and feed us and hosting this website on gh-pages means we do not have any immediate costs running this. There is still plenty of volunteer work going into organsing an event like this, yet the money isn’t paying for that either. The money goes to the OpenTechSchool to organise more awesome, inclusive learning events.

OpenTechSchool e.V. is a an international non-profit organising inclusive, welcoming learning events in tech – including workshops, learning groups, student and pupil sessions. There are chapters all over the world, and anyone can start their own with as long as they agree to the core values and general code of conduct.

Background image courtesy to Evelyn , who released it under Creative Commons.

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